What is the treatment plan?

  1. See your medical practitioner for a referral. Whilst a referral is not a requirement, your GP can provide us with any information that is relevant to your sleep disorder;
  2. If you are eligible there is a Medicare rebate available for treatment if you have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. As assesment of the plan typically takes longer than a standard GP appointment, make sure you let the surgery know that you are enquiring about this Plan;
  3. Dr Kemp can be booked up to two weeks in advance , so call for an appointment as early as possible. Clinic consultations times are Monday to Thursday's, first consult at 10:00am and last consult at 4:00pm, each consult is 1 hour;
  4. We will send you a set of questionnaires, a sleep-wake diary and some information about the Clinic in the mail. Please bring your completed questionnaires and sleep-wake diary to your first appointment;
  5. At your first appointment, Dr Kemp will assess your sleep (or other) problem and generally will advise you on your treatment at this appointment;
  6. A second appointment (usually one week later) will be scheduled to determine how the treatment proceeding and give additional feedback on how to further improve your sleep;
  7. Follow-up appointments are then scheduled to ensure that the treatment goals have been met, our data shows that average treatment plan for sleep disorders is 6 sessions over 11 weeks;
  8. For some clients with more complex problems, further appointments may be necessary for ongoing support.
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