About Dr Kempadmin

Dr. Kemp completed all of her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Flinders University.  She completed the Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology and Biology), Honours (Class 1), Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Ph.D.  Her honors thesis was conducted under the supervision of Professor Leon Lack (world-renowned expert in sleep) and investigated bright light therapy for people with early morning awakening insomnia.  Dr. Kemp’s master’s training was in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

During her studies at Flinders University, Dr Kemp (maiden surname Schumacher) was awarded:

Her PhD thesis was conducted at the Family Court of Australia and evaluated the mediation and litigation service with regards to client satisfaction and psychological well-being.

She became registered as a psychologist in 1997, and has worked as a Family and Child Counsellor at the Family Court of Australia, Senior Psychologist at an Offender Treatment and Assessment Program, and Senior Psychologist at Helen Mayo House (inpatient and outpatient unit for women with postnatal depression).

In 2004 Dr Kemp became Director of Adelaide Insomnia Clinic, providing an assessment and treatment program for people with sleep disorders. She has been involved in research at Flinders University evaluating a new non-drug therapy for insomnia, and has also conducted research at Flinders Medical Centre investigating healthy home environments for children.

Dr Kemp is a member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists, so is able to provide Specialist Psychology Services. She is also a member of the Australasian Sleep Association, and has published research in the sleep and family law fields.