What can I do about insomnia?admin

There is good news…

There are specific cognitive-behavioral therapies that have been developed for insomnia.  These therapies are all “evidence-based”, that is, according to the best possible research (randomized-controlled experiments) they maximize the chance of benefit, minimise the risk of harm, and deliver treatment at an acceptable cost.  Sleeping medications may have a short-term impact, but in the long-term, tolerance and dependency effects can develop.  Cognitive-behavioral therapies for insomnia involve changing the decisions you make about your bedtime so that you are sleepy when you get into bed.  People with insomnia often report feeling “alert” when they are trying to go to sleep.  In order to sleep well, we actually need to feel “sleepy” in bed.  The therapies that Dr. Kemp will advise you on aim to maximize the chance that you will fall asleep quicker, have a deeper sleep during the night and have less “thinking” time in the night.  A higher quality sleep in the night will help you feel better the next day.

Learning how to improve your sleep behaviourally is a skill you will have with you for the rest of your life. So… if you have insomnia, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is getting some professional help. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you will be sleeping better.