What Causes Insomnia?admin

Sometimes insomnia begins during a stressful event, for example, work stress, financial problems, or relationship issues. Often people will lie in bed and worry about these issues. The problem is, the more you worry, the less likely it is you will sleep. Once insomnia sets in, the worry tends to be about how much sleep you will get in the night, and how you will function the next day.

Often, the sleep problem improves after the stressful situation resolves. However, for some people, insomnia persists even after the stress has resolved. This is when professional help is needed.

For others, insomnia is a symptom of another problem, for example, depression or anxiety. If you have depression or anxiety and are able to improve your sleep, you might find that you cope so much better in the day. Dr Kemp also treats depression and anxiety if you also need help for these specific problems.