What is the treatment plan?admin
  • See your general practitioner for a referral. Ask if you are eligible for referral under the “GP Mental Health Treatment Plan”.  If you are able to be referred under this plan, you will be able to claim on Medicare.  If you are unable to be referred under this plan, you may still be eligible for a rebate if you have private health insurance for psychology.  You will need to call you private health insurer to determine your level of cover;
  • Dr. Kemp can be booked up to two weeks in advance, so call for an appointment as early as possible. Dr. Kemp consults Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Each session lasts about one hour;
  • Dr. Kemp will send you a set of questionnaires, a sleep-wake diary, and some information about the Clinic in the mail or via email. Please bring your completed questionnaires and sleep-wake diary to your first appointment;
  • At your first appointment, Dr. Kemp will assess your sleep (or other) problem and generally will advise you on your treatment at this appointment;
  • A second appointment (usually one week later) will be scheduled to determine how the treatment proceeding and give additional feedback on how to further improve your sleep;
  • Follow-up appointments are then scheduled to ensure that the treatment goals have been met;
  • For some clients with more complex problems, further appointments may be necessary for ongoing support.